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RAF Control Tower
Every time I see this control tower I start humming the Dam Busters theme music! and I can only imagine anyone who had an RAF career would find themselves drawn to this fabulous historic building.
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QWerky Belle Tout Lighthouse
ROMANTIC! - Crikey yikes – even Mr Q marvelled at the perceived romance that would flow with a stay at this spectacular Grade 2 listed lovingly restored lighthouse. He wants to stay so we can be romantic - I am shocked by his exuberance for this quirky, stylish and unique bed and breakfast.
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Idyllic or what? When you stay at the Boathouse they even give you a flat bottomed boat (with oars) to use for the duration of your stay. Apparently they have Otters here too. It can’t get any better for me….or can it. The views are spectacular, the surroundings are romantic with the boat house hidden within trees….the décor and layout of the boat house is modern AND you even get free WiFi.
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Cairns House
We have seen so many Church conversions but this one is has been to such a high standard and is so modern when you look very opposite to the outside. I am prepared to say Mr Q and I have both decided that we are keen to worship inside this church. We will worship the design, space and décor. Quirky? Perhaps a low quirky score because this borders on being "Too Cool" for our product. I want this here. It IS quirky Mr Q!! Its go an interior that is completely contempary and an exterior that is seriously traditional. Its like cutting open an apple and finding an orange inside. Now that's QWerky.
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West Usk Lighthouse
Take a look! I mean it. This is one helluva place to stay in. If I had built this myself it would have looked like this. If this was a would take the first prize at the Bake off. I have fallen in love and when Mr Q and I looked at it together we agreed....its a no brainer ...WE HAVE TO GO!
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The Lighthouse
Take a double look at this place. Its a castle - its a fortress, it's a lighthouse. Its all of those things and it also has amazing views. I really cant tell you how much I love this place. It makes me feel very proud of our heritage. There are some magnificent places to admire on this site and this is well up there, at the top. ANOTHER featured property Mr Q! Sorry. This web site is TOO GOOD! :)
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Helen's Tower
Standing on top of the world with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, one can see as far as distant Scottish shores from the top of Helen's Tower. A topwer to inspire poetry as both Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning wrote poems about the tower
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Yellow Submarine
Are you singing? This barge painted up as a Yellow Submarine has that effect on us. Every time we see it we start belting out a tune. There are two other barges, the Joker (a Batman themed barge) and the Titanic (- self explanatory!!)
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