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Lost and Found
The concept behind the Lost & Found originated from an explorer and professor known in the Victorian era as Professor Hettie. G. Watson. Hettie travelled the world in search of new variations and species of botanics. She captured samples of the plants and flowers and kept them hidden away in her secret hideaway.
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Elixir Tonics & Treats
Lotions and potions. I love the quirky way of serving the cocktails they do here. How much imagination has gone into these cocktails? They must taste as good as they look to have got the awards they boast.
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Crooked House
Mr Q recalls visiting this strange crooked building when he was a small child. He recalls how wonky everything was and how the door frames were uneven and the floors were slanted. He didn't know where he had been until we asked his parents who then said it is a famous building for locals and tourists alike. The building is so crooked that they have an illusion.....a marble rolls UPHILL. Quirky eh? or should I say "That's QWerky"
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One of the coolest and quirkiest entrances into a bar we have ever seen. The Australasia Bar really is “down under”! It’s under the ground and the entrance is a glass pyramid which could quite easily be overlooked. That is a crazy thing to say because its so very unique! But I guess the first time I saw it I thought it was a glass sculpture, not the entrance to a great bar and restaurant.
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Botanist Leeds
Mrs Q has never been one for gardening but when this quirky bar concept went down the route of Botany, then its no surprise that there was suddenly some serious interest in all that could be found in the potting shed.
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The Vaults Birmingham
Occupying the vaulted underpinnings of an imposing Victorian building the surroundings are certainly distinctive and ultimately relaxing. Art and photography blend with signature exposed brickwork, bespoke furniture, polished wooden flooring and a dusky autumnal colour palette.
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Quirky place to stay
This Bar, Restaurant and amazingly spectacular Hotel just takes my breath away. From the minute you enter you know you have set foot inside one of the finest establishments we have in this country, in which "Vanilla" just cant be mentioned. I can remember the first time I entered the Crazy Bear. Wow! Double Wow! You haven't lived until you have spent some quality time here.............its superb.
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Aviator Hotel
Aviator opened in 2008 as one of the most striking design hotels in recent times. Innately stylish, Aviator binds the timeless glamour of aviation with seductive interiors and ultimate comfort. Cheaper than flying to New York, try this for a little bit of the Guggenheim feel. A hidden quirky treasure.
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