The Refectory, Chester

The Refectory, Chester
The thirteenth-century monk’s dining hall is not to be missed. - Homemade food in a spectacular setting with FREE Wifi !
A relaxing eatery in unique surroundings, A great place to grab a light lunch or relax with a cup of tea and a cake! Surrounded by tapestries, Heraldic paintings, and having a Creation Window, which depicts the six days of creation. There seems to be no better place to go if you like to sample something a bit different. (That's the location not so much the yummy food they serve!)

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The 13th Century Refectory was built as the dining hall of the Benedictine Monastery. The wall pulpit, which is the finest example in the country, was used for the reading of the Bible during meal times. Kings have eaten here as well as countless monks and pilgrims. A unique location for you to enjoy!
There are several other rooms in the Cathedral that are used for entertaining and they all look wonderful. If you want to use the other rooms the trick is to take a look at the events they have at the Cathedral as you wont be seated in them otherwise.

Take a look at the Cloister Room with its graceful Gothic columns and perfect proportions, this room is wonderful. Or the Chapter House which is a truly atmospheric location for large events, dinners or presentations. The Chapter House was the meeting room of the monks and is one of the architectural highlights of the Cathedral complex. It cannot fail to impress! We love the Vestibule. Its an architectural prelude to the Chapter House, but can be used in its own right as the location for smaller meetings or perhaps a welcome area before a concert or a gathering in another room.

If you are visiting Chester then don’t do the ordinary, take a trip to the Refectory and eat in wonder at the beauty of this marvellous restaurant/café.

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