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Air Raid Shelters
I am not sure there is anything quite like this attraction with nearly a mile of tunnels set built to protect the people of Stockport. Be prepared to be entertained with old war stories prepared to be shocked at how they got back to basics...and even under the basics...unless you dabbled in the black market.
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Albert and Friends Instant Circus
How QWerky! You can turn up here and spend a day, a week or a term and learn circus skills., even trapeze! Wow! That would impress me but then I cant even catch a ball so juggling would be fun. But I think if you are looking for something different to do this activity is right up there as being one of the quirkiest. Mr Q thinks I should get there as he seems to think I already have the skills to make me a successful clown. Cheeky!
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Mill at Gordleton
A Quirky "All in One" destination. Great food, nice hotel and an Art garden to amuse you. There are two garden areas open to the public, a traditional knot garden, as well as, the ‘secret garden’ with the renovated Victorian swimming pool (as a pond) complete with a stunning tree fountain made by Julian Bailey
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Barter Books
An old station which is now a bookshop unlike any other we have ever come across. It houses Peter Dodd's Famous Writers Mural - The mural consists of thirty-three life-size figures set within a huge triangular space - each figure a convincing portrait of a famous writer - it is a stunning achievement and must surely rank as one of the finest such murals in Britain. Why would you not make time to go to Barters Books? Pass it by at your peril.
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A huge, award winning forest of family fun and outdoor adventure. Treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, Crocklebogs, Twiggles and Boggles, storytelling, boat trips, marsh walks and yummy food! Welcome to the enchanted world of BeWILDerwood, home to creatures you will never have seen before, but who will captivate you with their hidden homes, tricky trails and stories of bravery and heroism.
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Box Park Market Place
BOXPARK Shoreditch is a pop-up Mall based in the heart of East London. Opened in 2011 by founder and CEO Roger Wade, BOXPARK Shoreditch will be open for the next four years. BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up stores. A quirky little area with loads of different things going on, from the trendy and cool shops to the food area.
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Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum
I love the thought of making my very own brick to adorn a wall which will stand for hundreds of years. Can you imagine personalising a brick and laying it in a house being built...or even a bar b que area. This museum hold many surprises and plenty to do.
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Calf Of Man Island Bird Observatory
We found this description of Bird watching terms which you can apply to yourselves...but people tend to go her to watch birds. Birdwatcher - Anyone can be a birdwatcher, at kitchen window or reservoir. Owning binoculars immediately qualifies you. Birdwatchers let birds come to them. Birder - a serious Birdwatcher who (almost certainly) owns a scope, watches a local patch ( patch worker) , knows his or her stuff, doesnt carry a field guide and looks for certain birds at certain times of the year. A birder knows birds by call as well as appearance. Keeps a log of his'her sightings and may photograph them or take notes in the field. Likes to find their own birds. May go on the odd twitch occasionally ( see below) . Birders go out looking for (specific) birds. Twitcher - a birder who will travel great distances in his home country to see birds he hasnt seen in that country before. Diagnostic feature- will almost certainly know how many birds they have seen in Britain ! Twitchers chase specific individual birds.
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