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Almost Famous
Mr Q and Jack had heard about the amazing burgers served at Almost Famous so decided one December lunchtime to set of on a quest to find it and to report on it. They both were more than delighted with their food and loved the fact that they had a little bit of a struggle to find it. I guess you can say its a place for the know!!! Now YOU too can bob along for a fabulous burger feast.
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Archangel, Frome
This place is right up our street! (Figuratively speaking that is if it were right up our street I think I would likely spend a LOT of time here). Modern medieval is probably a good way to describe it! Great brave and interesting décor with Archangels painted as murals on walls. They have kept old features and added great modern design. We love how they embrace the features of this old (1311) building. Windy staircases and low ceilings with local artists work on the walls which you can buy! They promise fabulous would you want to stay or visit any where else? Its on our list of must visit! (and when I do visit I promise that I too will be a little angel and not over indulge too much!! (Fingers crossed behind my back!)
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Exotic meats and insect sides in a flamboyant restaurant with Buddhas, palms and peacock feathers. The unconventional menu (zebra, crocodile, bison, scorpion desserts!) and quirky atmosphere make this one of the most unique restaurant experiences we have come across! The décor is unique and the glasses and cutlery and even the menus are presented in idiosyncratic ways that make the whole experience engaging. Very, very quirky!
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Mill at Gordleton
A Quirky "All in One" destination. Great food, nice hotel and an Art garden to amuse you. There are two garden areas open to the public, a traditional knot garden, as well as, the ‘secret garden’ with the renovated Victorian swimming pool (as a pond) complete with a stunning tree fountain made by Julian Bailey
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At The Chapel Bruton
The shrieks of excitement when we were researching this chapel means that it's gone right to the top of places we have to visit. The promise of fresh bread to wake up to as well as the wonderful décor is such an enticement to go.
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One of the coolest and quirkiest entrances into a bar we have ever seen. The Australasia Bar really is “down under”! It’s under the ground and the entrance is a glass pyramid which could quite easily be overlooked. That is a crazy thing to say because its so very unique! But I guess the first time I saw it I thought it was a glass sculpture, not the entrance to a great bar and restaurant.
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Aviator Hotel
Aviator opened in 2008 as one of the most striking design hotels in recent times. Innately stylish, Aviator binds the timeless glamour of aviation with seductive interiors and ultimate comfort. Cheaper than flying to New York, try this for a little bit of the Guggenheim feel. A hidden quirky treasure.
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This has to be one helluva concept to challenge anyone's business brains. Take a fantastic bar, fill it with old fashioned and interesting artefacts, employ some of the cleverest people to mix cocktails and then charge a fixed fee for a two hour session where the bottle of spirits you bought along is transformed into yummy cocktails before your eyes! Count us in! We love the concept.
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