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Archangel, Frome
This place is right up our street! (Figuratively speaking that is if it were right up our street I think I would likely spend a LOT of time here). Modern medieval is probably a good way to describe it! Great brave and interesting décor with Archangels painted as murals on walls. They have kept old features and added great modern design. We love how they embrace the features of this old (1311) building. Windy staircases and low ceilings with local artists work on the walls which you can buy! They promise fabulous would you want to stay or visit any where else? Its on our list of must visit! (and when I do visit I promise that I too will be a little angel and not over indulge too much!! (Fingers crossed behind my back!)
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Mill at Gordleton
A Quirky "All in One" destination. Great food, nice hotel and an Art garden to amuse you. There are two garden areas open to the public, a traditional knot garden, as well as, the ‘secret garden’ with the renovated Victorian swimming pool (as a pond) complete with a stunning tree fountain made by Julian Bailey
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Artist Residence
I am the sort of person who loves to choose the room I stay in but then wants to see other peoples rooms. This hotel would make me hang around to see f I could take a peak at each room before I left. Either that or I would befriend everyone staying there with a "I will show you mine, if you show me yours" type conversation. This hotel gets me very excited. I love the art on the walls and I love the furniture and quirky artefacts too. I think I would have to stay in a different room each night. Oh the joy of exciting hotels! They make you want to holiday on forever.
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At The Chapel Bruton
The shrieks of excitement when we were researching this chapel means that it's gone right to the top of places we have to visit. The promise of fresh bread to wake up to as well as the wonderful décor is such an enticement to go.
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Barter Books
An old station which is now a bookshop unlike any other we have ever come across. It houses Peter Dodd's Famous Writers Mural - The mural consists of thirty-three life-size figures set within a huge triangular space - each figure a convincing portrait of a famous writer - it is a stunning achievement and must surely rank as one of the finest such murals in Britain. Why would you not make time to go to Barters Books? Pass it by at your peril.
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The off grid accommodation consists of six original, hand crafted, round-wood timber frame Shacks tucked away in beautiful woodland, and eight canvas Yurts burrowed into the hillside. There is a cosy bunk barn that can sleep up to 12 people. The Bivouac café lies at the heart of the site and is the perfect waterhole for resident guests and visiting walkers, families and those who want to simply enjoy the scenery.
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Bom Bane's
Jane Bom-Bane performs original songs and poetry to the accompaniment of harmoniums and mechanical HATS. Bom-Bane’s is a licensed cafe-restaurant run by musician Jane Bom-Bane. The unusual offerings here are too many to list...its a must go and see for yourself venue. Cant wait!
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Box Park Market Place
BOXPARK Shoreditch is a pop-up Mall based in the heart of East London. Opened in 2011 by founder and CEO Roger Wade, BOXPARK Shoreditch will be open for the next four years. BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up stores. A quirky little area with loads of different things going on, from the trendy and cool shops to the food area.
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