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Lost and Found
The concept behind the Lost & Found originated from an explorer and professor known in the Victorian era as Professor Hettie. G. Watson. Hettie travelled the world in search of new variations and species of botanics. She captured samples of the plants and flowers and kept them hidden away in her secret hideaway.
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Ziferblat London
The idea is guests take an alarm clock from the cupboard on arrival and note the time, then keep it with them, before, quite literally, clocking out at the end. There's no minimum time.
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East Beach Cafe
How amazing is this structure? Quoted as being a building with the Guggenheim effect - a complicated structure using ribbons of steel. Littlehampton has never been so interesting to me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sculptured building. Passionate about this. Me? You bet. Planning our trip to Littlehampton right now.
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Marwood Brighton
The Marwood seems to promise an eclectic mix of random items all promising amusement and entertainment.
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The Attendant
What a result. Who could have ever believed that an old Victorian gents toilet and the original urinals could bring such joy and interest?
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Camp and Furnace
Camp and Furnace has all the best bits from all the best festivals; indoors. There is a restaurant, bar, fanpark, conference venue and cultural hangout. This place has been reported to be the Coolest place in the country. I don't think it's far wrong. I haven't been but I seriously have to find the time.
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London Review Bookshop
Surrounded by books and fragrant with tea, the London Review Cake Shop is the modern answer to London’s long-lost literary coffee-houses. Accessed through the Bookshop via a corridor in the history section, the Cake Shop offers a small but vibrant menu, a wide selection of fine teas and a superior espresso. Above all, it provides a haven for reading and reflection. Manager Terry Glover says: 'I want the Cake Shop to reflect the things I love: lemon trees, fresh herbs, sunny days, home baking, urban foraging, farmers' markets... I like the traditional with a twist.'
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Mill at Gordleton
A Quirky "All in One" destination. Great food, nice hotel and an Art garden to amuse you. There are two garden areas open to the public, a traditional knot garden, as well as, the ‘secret garden’ with the renovated Victorian swimming pool (as a pond) complete with a stunning tree fountain made by Julian Bailey
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