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Cley Windmill
In October 1998 the BBC’s world logo was replaced with а balloon seen flying over, initially, ten different locations in the UK, including Snowdon, the Forth Rail Bridge and Canary Wharf. Included as one of the locations was Cley Windmill. The films apparently cost £500,000 to make.
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Click 78
Wow! What a concept. Its an old prison and they have used some of the cells to accommodate people. Its got all the original heavy doors and locks but they promise you that you can lock yourself IN now but you can get out too!). If you don't fancy staying in a cell you can stay here in dorms from only £13 per night. The bar looks great and its designed to appeal to students from all over the world. Sorry Clink 78...I find the cells appealing but just for one night though! NOTE: The basement Clash Bar took its name from a famous pigeon shooting incident when the band were fined for shooting three pigeons with an air rifle thinking they were ordinary birds but it was discovered they were in fact expensive racing pigeons. The court case happened at this courthouse so the band decided to partly film the video for Rudeboy outside the courthouse
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Clover Spa and Hotel
Its a normal hotel with a difference. No clothes allowed. Is this quirky or is it natural? That's for you to decide. The hotel and spa have wonderful reviews on Trip Advisor so there is clearly a good market for it. They have a four hour spa package which seems to be popular with those wanting to give naturism a go. The reviewers said it felt strange at first but they soon became comfortable. For me it would be great when the sun shining as there would be no strap lines! after sunbathing in their gardens.
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Quirky place to stay
This Bar, Restaurant and amazingly spectacular Hotel just takes my breath away. From the minute you enter you know you have set foot inside one of the finest establishments we have in this country, in which "Vanilla" just cant be mentioned. I can remember the first time I entered the Crazy Bear. Wow! Double Wow! You haven't lived until you have spent some quality time here.............its superb.
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Crazy Bear Fitzrovia
Eclectic décor, attentive service serving quirky cocktails, such as gin and marmalade - feeds the eye and the palate.
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Crooked House
Mr Q recalls visiting this strange crooked building when he was a small child. He recalls how wonky everything was and how the door frames were uneven and the floors were slanted. He didn't know where he had been until we asked his parents who then said it is a famous building for locals and tourists alike. The building is so crooked that they have an illusion.....a marble rolls UPHILL. Quirky eh? or should I say "That's QWerky"
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Dirty Dicks
Dirty Dicks boast to have one of the largest selections of alcohol with the promise of drinks you never knew existed. We love the history behind this pub with a celebration of a man who is mourning his lost love who refused to ever clean again. I think I may have known one or two men that suffered this before I met Mr Q!!
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Elixir Tonics & Treats
Lotions and potions. I love the quirky way of serving the cocktails they do here. How much imagination has gone into these cocktails? They must taste as good as they look to have got the awards they boast.
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